Subtle Shifts

London Festival of Architecture & Get Living
In collaboration with Tenement & Tuck
June 2018

Subtle Shifts was a month-long spatial intervention and series of events, exploring how subtle changes made to space, daily routine and approaches to community engagement can lead to wider long term shifts in the identity of a place.

Victory Park is located within the East Village, the former Olympic Athletes Village in Stratford. It is a new neighbourhood, and a new community.

Designed to be more than decorative, Subtle Shifts centred on embedding activity that facilitated future and unexpected uses for Victory Park. Creating actions and reactions to place – informing the developing identity of the neighbourhood.

Working at a domestic scale, combing subtle aesthetic with high quality craftsmanship, the project invited curiosity – drawing the attention of the those who live, work and play in and around Victory Park. Integrating into the daily routine of East Village throughout the month of June, the intervention encouraged residents, businesses, groups and visitors to make it their own, finding their own uses for an undefined space.

Subtle Shifts opened to the public on Saturday 2nd June with Pidgin Perfect hosting a ‘Study Circle’ event at the spacial intervention, bringing together four diverse voices from across architecture and planning to discuss with the theme of ‘Identity’ as part of the core programme for London Festival of Architecture 2018.

3 Ross Street
The Barras
G1 5AR

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