Banchetto: A Play in Three Acts

Scotland + Venice 2012 / British Council / Creative Scotland / Scottish Government
April – November 2012

Pidgin Perfect were proud to be selected, alongside Do Architecture, GRAS Studio, Stone Opera as the Scottish delegation to the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale to showcase the cutting edge ideas and innovative approaches to architecture practice that have emerged in recent years in Scotland.

‘Critical Dialogues’, directed by Jonathan Charley, played with popular themes of alternative urban practice: the politics of community engagement; the ludic dimensions of architecture; the celebration of the architecture of everyday life; and the investigation of different ways of seeing and mapping.

‘Banchetto: A Play in Three Acts’ was driven by Pidgin Perfect’s commitment to engaging communities normally excluded from the design process around the built environment.

‘Banchetto’ was an event which highlighted the ongoing struggles of Venice to find an authentic sense of identity and create a place for locals and visitors to both enjoy. The project explored how the Biennale was impacting on the local population that lives around and trades within the historic Castello neighbourhood.

The project was structured as a piece of theatre for the community and presented in three acts:

Act One – a tour of the Biennale Giardini site for a group of local residents who discussed their opinions and ideas whilst viewing the pavilions.

Act Two – Pidgin Perfect held a ‘theatrical’ open air dinner in the Castello neighbourhood where local residents, artists, architects, bar owners, curators, sex- workers and activists ate, drank and discussed the future of Venice.

Act Three – a curated exposition with screenings of edited footage and documentation of the creative community engagement delivered through the project.

3 Ross Street
The Barras
G1 5AR

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