Pick Parkhead

Parkhead Housing Association
April – September 2017

Through the 80’s and 90’s the built fabric of Glasgow’s East End was further eroded with poor town planning philosophies that saw roads and retail parks prioritised over people and pedestrians. Although in a physical sense Parkhead, and its historical Town Centre, survived the worst of the post war planning initiatives it was effectively annexed and dislocated from its adjacent communities and surrounded by derelict industrial land.

In more recent times, Parkhead has become overrun with cars and being more a place to pass through rather than a place to stop at, a factor that has also undermined the quality local retail offer which has been subsumed by the Forge Shopping Centre.

Pick Parkhead was a platform to speculate and capture concepts that will reenergise the Town Centre, concepts that will speed up a quickening of efforts to embrace the location by all those who live and work around it.

Working with Stallan Brand Architects, Pioneer Landscape Architects, Patricia Fleming Project and Uncommon Property Development (Martyn Evans) through a community masterplanning process supported by The Scottish Government, Pidgin Perfect developed themes and proposals to inform a Parkhead Town Centre Action Plan, with recommendations that were both pragmatic and playful, and that will seek to breathe new life and spirit into the community.

3 Ross Street
The Barras
G1 5AR

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