Parks & Open Spaces Strategy

Glasgow City Council

As Glasgow City Council work towards a new 10 year strategy for Parks and Open Spaces in the city, Pidgin Perfect have been commissioned to design and deliver a wide reaching communications strategy which engages statutory stakeholders, park users, strategic and community organisations in conversations to ensure their aspirations are understood and met.

The project was envisioned in four stages, which alternate between publicly accessible dialogues and internal discussions and development of strategic documents. We have held workshops with a broad ‘Steering Group’ and will be pioneering a digital engagement strategy for green spaces in the city. The outcomes of the earlier stages will be revisited during high impact events and engagements that connect people to their green urban landscape to achieve consensus on the future of our parks and open spaces.

As part of the toolkit developed for the conversations, we commissioned Lizzie Abernethy to design an illustrative device to help keep dialogues positive, the Park’s Monster will continue to “eat” negative, but worthwhile, comments from participants to the end of the project.

3 Ross Street
The Barras
G1 5AR

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