Kirkwall Markers

Orkney Islands Council

Kirkwall Markers is a new public art project for Kirkwall, Orkney. Connecting the town’s heritage to contemporary processes and materials, we are working with cut steel and powder coating to allow for the addition of rich colour to the existing streetscape of Kirkwall whilst still ensuring a respectful and sensitive response.

Bold shapes and patterns drawn out from archival research, and created though workshops carried out with over 100 local schoolchildren, will connect a series of sites and their histories and settings. Decorative and everyday objects from across the local history of Kirkwall and wider Orkney will be condensed and combined to create new designs and structures for the Kirkwall Markers and will provide a pattern book for the area.

Kirkwall Markers has been commissioned by Orkney Islands Council as part of the Kirkwall Townscape Heritage Initiative.

3 Ross Street
The Barras
G1 5AR

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