Creative Lagos

British Council
January – August 2016

Lagos is the world’s fastest growing megacity. As a city of 21 million people drawing a further 1200 people a day, its limits are expanding with new regions rising from the sea each year. In the midst of these city dynamics the emergence of creative spaces across Lagos is gathering apace at a rate that is surely set to transform not just the creative economy but the wider economy and society with them. Creative spaces it would seem are becoming important beacons helping build a sense of place and identity enabling a burgeoning contemporary creative culture.

Creative Lagos is a project conceived by Pidgin Perfect in affiliation with the British Council’s UK / Nigeria Season 2015 / 16 in order to map the important and emerging creative spaces in the city, and chart their impact on cultural development. In the process Creative Lagos is helping document how creativity is reshaping this rapidly expanding metropolis.

The project saw the creation of the website an open source online dynamic platform that displays a live social media feed of the city’s current creative events. To launch Pidgin Perfect collaborated with Pecha Kucha Lagos to present a series of talks and performances in the gardens at the British Council in Lagos from Lagosian architects, artists, musicians and photographers. This event was followed by the Creative Lagos Symposium held in London at the Africa Centre which engaged the Nigerian diaspora and wider audiences in the UK to discuss the potential for sustaining the future of creativity in Lagos.

3 Ross Street
The Barras
G1 5AR

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